Meetings with Beneficiaries

On 21-28 of February in the Regional Centre for Social Policy in Krakow were held individual meetings with seven applicants whose projects were funded a result of Competition No 1/2012 within “A Helping Hand in a Safe Environment” project. Continue reading

The meetings were attended by representatives of the subjects operating the facilities included in the project and by employees of social welfare houses in which these projects will be implemented. In the meetings took part representatives of the Executing Agency: Deputy Director of the Regional Centre for Social Policy in Krakow – Rafał Barański, Project Manager – Piotr Maurek, projects supervisors – Artur Winiarski and Agnieszka Malina and other members of the project.

The meetings were conducted separately for each of the Beneficiaries, and its main objective was to discuss the terms of the agreement and requirements of the contract signing for the project funding, to discuss the issues related to the projects’ implementation, including public procurement, project documentation and eligibility of expenses, reporting, promotion and to determine the nearest projects’ activities. Employees of the Executing Agency answered various questions related to the projects’ implementation.