Project schedule

„A helpful hand in a safe environment” project’s implementation began in January 2012 and will last until June 30th, 2015. The project’s schedule is as follows:

Since Until Event
 Information about „A Helping Hand in a Safe Environment” project and its promotion
01/2012 06/2015 Informing potential applicants and beneficiaries about the possibility of applying for co financing of their projects and other forms of support, as well as informing all the interested parties about basic guidelines, aims and progress in „A helpful Hand in a Safe Environment” project’s implementation.
04/2012 06/2015 Running the Information and Consultation Point at project’s office. Personal, via telephone and via e-mail consultation available.
 Preparation „A helpful Hand in a Safe Environment” project’s implementation. 
08/05/2012  15/05/2012 The cycle of 5 field informative meetings on „A Helpful Hand in a Safe Environment” project and on the Competition No 1/2012.
12/11/2012  13/11/2012 Informative meetings for the nurses working in SWHs of Malopolska on recruitment to qualification courses and specialist trainings planned to be realized in “A helpful hand in a safe environment” project.
 Competition No 1/2012
05/06/2012 12/09/2012 Reception of the proposals at the office of Regional Centre for Social Policy in Krakow.
05/06/2012 12/09/2012 Coaching on the preparation of the proposals for the Competition No 1/2012 by the specialists from the  INW-EKO Consult Agata Kalandyk and RGK Management Consortium Renata Gardoń-Kubacka.
 Evaluation of the proposals
13/09/2012 12/11/2012 Formal appraisal of the proposals.
19/10/2012 15/01/2013 Financial and merit-based appraisal of the proposals by the experts – members of the Project Appraisal Committee (PAC).
 Selection of the projects for financing
11/12/2012 The first meeting of the Malopolska Steering Committee
01/02/2013 The second meeting of the Malopolska Steering Committee and a final decision on projects for financing selection.
19/02/2013 Final approval of the list of projects selected for financing by Malopolska Management Board.
04/2013 Signing up the co-financing agreements with beneficiaries.
 Implementation of the selected projects
03/2013 12/2014 Monitoring and controlling of the implementation of the beneficiaries’ projects.
 Professional training for nurses   
22/11/2013 12/12/2013 Recruitment of the Malopolska SWHs’ nurses and midwives for qualification courses and specialist trainings.
04/2013  04/2014 Qualification courses’ realization.
04/2013 01/2015 Specialist trainings’ realization.
 Distribution of nursing equipment to the SWHs
02/2013 03/2013 Research and analysis of the Malopolska SWHs’ needs for the nursing equipment.
06/2013 06/2014 Purchase of the nursing equipment and its transfer to the SWHs.

SWH – social welfare house