Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme

Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme is a non-refundable foreign aid granted by Switzerland to Poland as one of the new EU member states, in order to reduce economic and social disparities existing between Poland and more developed EU countries, and to reduce the differences on the Polish territory – between urban centres and structurally underdeveloped regions. Funds from the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme account for nearly half of the amount of the Swiss Fund allocated to support development of the European states that joined the European Union on May 1st, 2004.

“A Helping Hand in a Safe Environment” Project is  being implemented within the Priority 4 of the SPCP: Human and Social Development, Objective II “To strengthen primary health care and social services in the peripheral and disadvantageous region of the geographic focus” (Lubelskie voivodeship, Malopolskie voivodeship, Podkarpackie voivodeship, Swietokrzyskie voivodeship). To achieve this objective, in the Malopolska region the Swiss Part has allocated a total amount of 6 114 987 CHF, including 4 804 914 CHF intended to be  distributed between the projects chosen through a competition organized within Components I and II.

We invite you to read the official information about the SPCP on the official website of the Programme: